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Although mercury is a naturally occurring metal, about half of the mercury released to the environment comes from human activity. Concern about the effects of mercury in the environment has increased over the years. Mercury is a bioaccumulative, which means that it can build up in fish and cause health problems in humans and other animals that eat fish. It is for this reason that health professionals recommend limiting fish consumption, especially for children and pregnant woman. As a precautionary measure, U.S. regulators typically assume that all or most of the mercury released into the air or surface water may accumulate in fish. Many States have therefore enacted regulatory restrictions or recommended guidelines for the safe disposal of mercury-based products.

For dentists, an effective solution is now available. Dental amalgam waste can be recycled to help prevent the release of mercury to the environment.

DentAssure offers a complete line of waste containers specifically designed for the proper hygienic disposal and recycling of dental wastes, including amalgam, lead foils, and extracted theeth. Our waste collection containers are UN/DOT approved, and provide turnkey solutions for busy dental practices. Each container arrives with it’s own postage-paid return shipping label. When your container is full, simply place the container in the box it came im, affix the pre-paid shipping label supplied with your container, and your courier will pick it up and ship it back, where the contents will be recycled.


DentAssure containers include active mercury vapor suppressant technology that effectively suppresses mercury vapors from escaping and entering the immediate environment. It also helps minimizes the health-risk to dentist and theirs assistants from possible exposure. As us for more details about this important feature only available with DentAssure containers.

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