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Introducing a revolutionary product for users of insulin syringes.


Diabetic Needle Disposal Unit

An ingenious device that safely clips off and stores syringe needles, while destroying the barrel.

The VOYAGER® offers these distinct advantages:


Reduces the risk of accidental needle sticks


Compact unit fits in a coat pocket or purse


Simple to operate

All sizes:

Accommodates 1/3 cc, 1/2 cc, and 1 cc size syringes as well as test strips and lancets


The VOYAGER® hold between 120-160 syringe needles

Prevents Reuse:

By destroying the syringe barrel, VOYAGER® prevents misuse of used syringes

NOW! The perfect companion to The VOYAGER® VOYAGER® Mail-Back Kit

The most convenient and economical sharps disposal system available! Each container accommodates between 120-160 syringe needles!

The VOYAGER® Mail-Back Kit comes as a three-pack set, with three FDA-approved sharps collection container and a secure mail-back box that fits all three containers.

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